Gregory Hills 70cm FM & C4FM (Yaesu System Fusion + WIRES-X).

Output: 438.650MHz
Input: 431.650MHz
CTCSS: 91.5Hz TX
WIRES-X Node: VK2RFG-RPT (14327)
WIRES-X Room: VK2RFG-ROOM (24327)
EchoLink Node: VK2RFG-R (896414)
BrandMeister DMR TG: 50594
Repeater: Yaesu DR-1XE
Antenna: RFI BA4040
Antenna Height: 25m AGL
Location: -34.042555, 150.784111
Grid Square: QF55jw
Site Elevation: 222m ASL

VK2RFG is connected via WIRES-X to VK2RFG-ROOM by default. If you wish to connect to another node or room, first check if the repeater is in use (analogue and digital) then simply perform your search and connect (or connect using your saved favourites) as usual. The default connection to VK2RFG-ROOM will be dropped and your new connection will be established. Note that AMERICA-LINK (21080) is blocked, you cannot connect to this room. Please do not attempt to connect to any node which is known to be connected to AMERICA-LINK.


New connections will only remain active for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the following will occur.

  • If the repeater is idle, it will disconnect immediately, then return to VK2RFG-ROOM 30 seconds later.
  • If the repeater is busy, it will maintain the connection until it is idle for 20 seconds, then it will disconnect, then return to VK2RFG-ROOM 30 seconds later.

If you are still actively using the connection after 30 minutes and it is disconnected, you will need to reconnect.

VK2RFG-ROOM on WIRES-X is linked to BrandMeister DMR TalkGroup 50594. This TalkGroup allows DMR users to exclusively access VK2RFG via C4FM (Fusion). Fusion users on VK2RFG will need to operate in DN mode to be heard on the DMR TalkGroup. Transmissions in VW mode will not be heard on 50594.

All digital activity on VK2RFG in DN mode can be monitored via Brandmeister’s Hoseline at the following link.

Please keep the repeater clear of digital traffic from 1925 local time on Thursday evenings for the FM net which begins at 1930. Any WIRES-X connections still active after 1925 on Thursday evenings will be terminated without notice until the completion of the FM net.

VK2RFG is also connected to EchoLink node VK2RFG-R.

Installed on 29 July 2017 with many thanks to the following organisations and individuals:

Metwide Communications

Justin VK2CU
Matt VK2LK
Peter VK2PR