CHIRP files for VK repeaters

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CHIRP files for VK repeaters

Post by VK2HFF » Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:53 am

While chatting with Wal and Frank at the club meeting last night re: programming a 'universal' set of repeater channels into a Baofeng HT, doubts were raised about the viability due to CTCSS conflicts etc.

So I thought I'd see just how many channels would be needed to cover all the VK 2m and 70cm repeaters.
I sourced the data from (convenient, but not necessarily complete or accurate) and wrote a quick program to identify repeaters with matching frequencies and offsets that also have compatible CTCSS requirements. I ended up with roughly 140 unique channels - very close to fitting in a UV-5R's 128 memories, but not quite :(

I've attached a zip file containing one file covering all of VK (vk.csv), and one file per state as well.
The channel names are set to the repeater callsign, or the frequency if multiple repeaters match. In this case, the comment field contains a list of the callsigns.

To load onto a HT, start CHIRP and download the HT's current configuration (Radio->Download from radio).
Clear any unwanted memories (to clear all, click on one then CTRL+A, then hit Del).
Import the repeater list: File->Import, browse to the CSV file to import, click OK. De-select any that you don't want imported, and click OK.
Then upload to the HT with Radio->Upload to radio.
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Re: CHIRP files for VK repeaters

Post by VK2HEZ » Sun Jun 03, 2018 5:46 pm

Nice Work Joshua

I'll upload it and give it a try.

Cheers and 73,


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