Yaesu FT-70DR using Wires-X

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Yaesu FT-70DR using Wires-X

Post by VK2DMU » Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:03 am

Having had a firmware upgrade put out on the 8-Nov-2017 there is now the ability to run Wires-X.

There are limitations, you are able to connect and disconnect and that's about it. You can't download a list of available reflectors and node's or send anything else.

The manual updates are also on the Yaesu website along with the firmware. They are however fairly confusing to understand without any other context to help. Setting Menu #68 for the DG-ID is best left at AUTO so it can figure it out.

Then to use it. To start it you need to be on the repeater as DN and press [F] and then [AMS], the screen will say connected to the Node that it is, so in our case that is VK2RFG-ROOM. Then you are able to rotate the dial on top to the En *----- screen where you can enter the reflector or node ID. Then you press the [AMS] which will connect and again show you the connected node or it will just BEEP and leave the number there as it was unable to connect.

Don't forget that if you are able to connect and use the reflector you need to dial 99999 to disconnect it from the repeater.

Hope this helps some, taken me a couple of days to figure this out trial and error and breaking/fixing my DVMega Hotspot.

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