The Fisher’s Ghost Amateur Radio Club was founded in 1982 by 3 CB radio operators in the Campbelltown area of New South Wales.

The Club station at Cataract Scout Park is 420m above sea level and consists of the following antennas.

  • (TBA) @ 22m
  • Cushcraft X240 40m yagi @22m
  • TET-Emtron TE-43 4 element triband yagi (with 5th element conversion) @ 22m
  • 4 element 15m yagi @ 15m
  • Full wavelength 80m delta loop @ 20m
  • Half wavelength 12m/17m/30m dipole @ 20m
  • Half wavelength 160m dipole @ 20m
  • 5 element 6m yagi, 7 element 2m yagi, and 11 element 70cm yagi @ 9m