The Fisher’s Ghost Amateur Radio Club maintains and operates a world class station at Cataract Scout Park which is 420m above sea level and consists of the following antennas.

  • (TBA) @ 22m
  • Cushcraft X240 2 element 40m yagi @ 22m
  • TET-Emtron TE-43 4 element triband yagi (with 5th element conversion) @ 22m
  • 4 element 15m yagi @ 15m
  • Full wavelength 80m delta loop @ 20m
  • Half wavelength 12m/17m/30m dipole @ 20m
  • Half wavelength 160m dipole @ 20m
  • 5 element 6m yagi, 7 element 2m yagi, and 11 element 70cm yagi @ 9m

The station is available for members to use for any amateur radio related activity. The following information outlines procedures for booking the shack and paying CSP fees, collecting and returning keys, site procedures, and general housekeeping in and around the building.

Bookings & Fees
  • 14 days notice is required by submitting a booking request form. Ian VK2ND will manage the booking request; simply send Ian an email with your preferred date and time and he will advise you when it is approved by CSP. Approval by CSP depends on whether the park is open on your selected day. See contact page for Ian’s contact details.
  • The cost of using the shack is $20 per day payable to CSP. Ian will forward an invoice to you when he receives it from CSP. Payment instructions are included with the invoice.
  • Ensure Ian has your WWC number and you have been issued a PIN to open the gate.
  • Keyholders are listed on the contact page. Contact a keyholder to arrange collection and return of keys.
Site Procedures
  • Park gates are closed between 2200 – 0700. No access through the gates during these hours.
  • Please sign the visitor book upon arrival.
  • No work may be carried out on site without prior approval by CSP.
  • Toilets are located 80m east and 100m west of the shack on Crabtree Dr.
  • The 40m rotator controller has specific usage instructions written on it. Only use the “PRESET” dial to move this rotator. The “CW” and “CCW” toggle switches must NOT be used.
  • The western leg of the 160m dipole is rolled up and hanging on the tri-band pole. It needs to be extended and attached to the signpost next to the road before 160m may be used.
  • The 80m antenna plug is marked “DELTA LOOP” on the back wall.
  • The 160m antenna plug is marked “DIPOLE” on the back wall.
  • Please minimise water usage as the sink runs to a rubble drain.

Upon departure, please ensure the following items are addressed.

  • All radios and equipment locked in cabinets.
  • All antennas disconnected.
  • Western leg of 160m dipole rolled up and hanging on the tri-band pole.
  • Floor swept.
  • Dishes done and bench wiped down.
  • Fridge switched off and doors left open.
  • Rubbish put in bin outside shack or taken with you.
  • All lights and power points switched off.
  • Bedroom door, back sliding door and roller door, container, and front doors locked.