The Fisher’s Ghost Amateur Radio Club is pleased to announce their 70cm FM & C4FM repeater is now on air. All reports are welcome.

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Many thanks to Metwide Communications.

Silent Key

Unfortunately we must report that Les Simmons, formerly VK2TJ, the last founding member of FGARC has passed away.

Les was involved in the founding of the Club in 1983. He was a local CB operator and along with other notable hams, eventually formed the Fisher’s Ghost Amateur Radio Club. It is believed Les studied and sat for his Amateur Radio licence in 1984, and for some ten years following, helped many others to also study and obtain their licence.

In the late 1990’s Les had a difficult battle cancer, which he overcame.

At Club monthly meetings, Les was well known for bringing up a point of order or some other point which had been overlooked during discussion, and keeping the Club on the best path for all concerned.

In later years, Les put his Amateur Radio activities aside and found much enjoyment in dancing and playing darts at Campbelltown RSL Club. It was not uncommon though, for new or re-joining members to inquire if Les was still around, as he had assisted them previously in getting their licence. He was a life member of the Club.

Les’ funeral will be held at St. John’s Anglican Church, Camden on Monday 24 July at 10:00am. For those attending, in lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to DEMENTIA RESEARCH. A donation box will be provided at the service.

Valè Leslie Eric Simmons.

A view of the VK2FFG shack and antennas at Cataract Scout Park, looking south.